Ladies Service Committees

The Ladies Service Committees’ goals are to see the ladies of Clute First Baptist Church working together across generational lines so that our church body is strengthened; to see the ladies involved in various ministries where a woman’s touch is vital; to see our fellowship enhanced; and to see friendships developed and nurtured through the mutual love and care we have in common through Christ.
Bridal and Baby Shower Committee: This committee is responsible to see that every couple is remembered with the appropriate shower, and make sure a hostess is arranged for each shower, or they will assume the responsibility if no one else is available.
Contact: Karen Odom (979) 417-5239
Church Decorations Committee: This committed sees that our church building is decorated in an attractive way that compliments the building. This committee reviews the state of our church decorations on an annual basis to maintain a standard of excellence, and decorates according to the seasons or holidays.
Contact: JoAnn Friudenburg (979) 265-2135
Church Kitchen Committee: This committee is to have a kitchen that is properly maintained with supplies and equipment. We provide structure and guidance during the use of the kitchen and fellowship meals with preparation and planning.
Contact: Ouida Alexander (979) 265-2228
Funeral Meals Committee: This committee is to provide a ministry of love and compassion to families in time of sorrow and loss. We make sure a family meal is prepared and served the day of the funeral.
Contact: Anita Briggs (979) 299-0090
Ladies Events Committee: The ladies retreat is an annual event for the ladies to meet for encouragement, fellowship, and instruction. This committee is responsible for the location, theme, and organizing the retreat.
Contact: Karen Odom (979) 417-5239
Missionary Baskets Committee: This committee is responsible for preparing Missionary Baskets for Missionary Families visiting our church.
Contact: Sue Allen (979) 265-2271 or Cindy McDougal (979) 265-2263 
Music Ministry Committee: This committee is responsible for assisting the Worship Leader by distributing music to the choir members, etc.
Contact: Charlotte Morgan (979) 292-0958 or Nancy Wood (979) 265-6664
Surgery Meals Committee: This committee is responsible to see that members who have had surgery/major illness are receiving the necessary meals to help them through the initial days following their surgery/major illness.
Contact: Rachel Kirk (979) 709-8342